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Who We Are

At Trulieve, we believe in the power of cannabis for all. We take great pride in building community, offering innovative products and advocating for our industry.


We grow, harvest and produce cannabis plants in an eco-friendly environment to reduce carbon footprint and protect the planet.


We strive to create spaces that are safe, comfortable and welcoming to all. We support diversity and inclusion in the communities we call home.


We harness our passion through advocacy for cannabis reform, providing top products, educating our community and sharing stories, industry news and insights.

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Cultivar Collection Exclusive Tomorrow: Raspberry Punch

Available In Florida Stores Only

It’s a beauty, with vivid purples swirling under heavily caked resin, but it is also highly unique in its smell and taste.  Our Raspberry Punch leans much more toward savory than fruity flavors despite its name.  There is a wonderfully punctuous sweet buttery note mixed with subtle tart fruit flavors, which grow as the flower is broken up and consumed.

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