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Tap into a Deeper Calm

Commonly calming and relaxing, Indica Strains are a great choice to promote sleep and support stress and pain relief.

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Right Headspace, Right Here

Typically uplifting and stimulating, Sativa strains are the right pick to elevate mood, boost creativity, and enhance focus.

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Seek Out the Perfect Fit

Crossbreeds of multiple strains, Hybrids vary by their genetics. They're your best bet for a range of experiences.

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Education & News

Check out Trulieve's latest news and educational content.

Trulieve is back and better

We’ve Upgraded Our Website 

Take a tour and learn about the new features we’ve added to the Trulieve Website.

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Ways to Save at Trulieve

Ways to Save          

We’re making it easier to afford the relief you need with opportunities to shop and save at Trulieve!

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Why Trulieve

Why Trulieve?

Climate control ensures consistent quality and potent THC, yielding denser buds.

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