Exciting Autism Treatment Opportunities for Trulieve Georgia Patients

Exciting Autism Treatment Opportunities for Georgia Patients

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month: Exciting Treatment Opportunities for Georgia Patients   
Recent Cannabis Studies Show Promising Effects on Patients with ASD 

April is officially recognized around the world as Autism Awareness Month. And now that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is considered a qualifying condition for a medical cannabis card in the state of Georgia, patients wanting alternative solutions to manage their symptoms made huge steps forward towards finding natural relief.  

The potential for cannabis as a treatment alternative for people with ASD has gained much attention in the past decade, especially from parents with children on the spectrum. Clinical trials and studies have also boomed in recent years, with nearly a dozen released since 2021! And the research is showing hopeful results.   

Children with ASD who were using cannabis medically reported reduced nerve-swelling, aggressiveness, and pain after one year of treatment, with some parents reporting an improvement in overall behavior.[1]

Similar results were found in another nine studies. Some patients reported a reduced number and/or intensity of varying symptoms, including irritability and anxiety, while others noted improvements in other functions, such as sensory sensitivity, social interaction, and attention.[2] 

Some children and adults who were provided CBD-rich cannabis products noticed improvements in their communication and social skills after six months of treatment.[3] And one clinical trial out of the UK reported patients experienced an overall improvement in their general quality of life and sleep.[4]  

The evidence for ways in which medicinal cannabis could support patients with ASD continues leaning overwhelmingly positive. That’s why Trulieve is excited to be providing Georgia patients with a variety of low-THC products that offer easy, discreet consumption and dosing. Patients will be able to choose from tinctures, lozenges, topicals, tincture drops, and capsules to discover what best fits their needs and lifestyle.   

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