Your Low THC Oil Registry Card

From getting the correct dosage to paying less for your medication at a Trulieve dispensary, there are many benefits of being legally protected. Find out the steps to getting your cannabis card in the State of Georgia.

Being a Truliever

Let us guide you through the process of being a new medical marijuana patient.

DOCMJ Appointments

Compassionate Marijuana Doctors Serving Georgia

Georgia residents can schedule a convenient telemedicine appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor from DocMJ. A consultation with a board-certified medical marijuana doctor licensed to practice in the state of Georgia is required to apply for a Low-THC medical marijuana card. DocMJ's medical marijuana doctors take the time to answer any questions you may have about the new medical marijuana program in Georgia.


Simple Steps

Here’s how to apply for Medical Marijuana card in the State of Georgia

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Ask More Questions

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Find a Dispensary

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