Earth Day: Trulieve Colorado Spotlight

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2022, we are happy to highlight our Trulieve Colorado team at the Denver manufacturing facility producing brands such as EvoLab, Colors, Alchemy and more (“EvoLab”). Brought into the Trulieve family as part of the acquisition of Harvest Health and Recreation, Inc., EvoLab was founded in 2011 and has pushed the limits of cannabis science, pioneering advanced technologies that deliver only the purest experiences for Coloradans. Trulieve is excited to now bring these time-honored brand formulations to other markets as well.  

For those of us who call Colorado home (or second home), the Rocky Mountain State is a natural beauty that we know must be protected and maintained. From mountain summits and sand dunes to hot springs and evergreens, the state’s ecosystem and landscape offer a unique array of views and experiences year round. Pictured here is the infamous Hanging Lake in Colorado, one of the state’s most magnificent treasures, accessible only after a mile-plus hike straight up a rocky mountain.  

In honor of this beautiful corner of the world, our Denver staff, led by Operations Supervisor, Chris Hayes, and Manufacturing Manager, Ashley Rodriguez, have been working hard all year to reduce our impact on this precious ecosystem. The Colorado team has committed to leading companywide efforts in sustainability through industry-leading initiatives such as recycling and green wasting but also so much more, discussed below.  


LED Lighting 

The team is transitioning all interior lighting at the lab from fluorescents to LEDs. Research suggests that LED lights use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Trulieve invested in our planet and was leading the LED lighting trend in cannabis years ago. Our newer affiliates continue to set the standard in this arena by retro-fitting their existing facilities with upgraded lighting.  

Sustainable Water Source 

Water is also a finite resource in Colorado, and as such our team gets water delivered from a local carbon-neutral water provider that has been serving the community here in Colorado for over 100 years. Deep Rock Water focuses on sustainable yields and consistent quality through careful selection and close monitoring of local water sources. Their spring water source here in Colorado was the first certified under the Alliance for Water Stewardship program, a comprehensive global benchmark for responsible water use.  

Reusable Drinking Materials 

Our employees have committed to only using reusable water bottles and coffee cups, resulting in the Denver team eliminating 100% of disposable cups at the facility. The team no longer uses K-cups for coffee either, and instead grinds their own coffee beans, eliminating one of the newer (and larger) at-office waste producers of our generation.  

Transportation Efforts 

Some of the staff in Denver also enjoy carpooling and alternative methods of transportation such as bicycles and public transit. Nationwide, during busy times such as 4/20, we always encourage employees to carpool with each other to reduce our impact on the environment. We also especially map out effective routes for delivery to lessen our impacts through product transportation as well.  

We are so proud of this team and their commitment to sustainability. They manage to minimize their impact on the environment, all while manufacturing some of Colorado’s leading cannabis products, coming to a local market near you!