What is 710? Discover a New Day in Cannabis

Everyone knows, cannabis fans love an excuse to celebrate our favorite plant’s many forms and uses. What started out as just another way to say “oil” has evolved into its own day for shining a light on all things concentrate related – whether you use them for recreational enjoyment or medical relief, 710 offers something for everyone in the world of cannabis concentrates!

Growing in popularity, 710 is a celebration of concentrates, or oils, made from the plant and their unique benefits compared to other forms of cannabis consumption.

710 is derived from the word “OIL” flipped upside down. Started among industry cannasseurs, it’s spreading across the culture as a new day in cannabis. And, like the better-known 420, we dedicate a whole day on July 10 to trying and sharing a wide range of oil-based options. More than ever before, there’s an unbelievable variety of products derived from pure cannabis oil that can be vaped, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed for a high-impact experience.

It's no surprise that 710 has become synonymous with quality concentrate products like the ones we offer at Trulieve. Live concentrates, like Live Resin and impressive Live Diamonds, are derived from fresh-frozen flower that’s processed at peak potency for the purest, most premium products. Cured concentrates are made from carefully cured flower and come in a variety of interesting consistencies for every preference, like Shatter, Crumble, and Wax. And pure, unprocessed full-spectrum cannabis oils can be used in a number of ways, from more medicinal Tincture and Syringe formats to convenient, pre-filled Vape Cartridges.

These can be found in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, many in strain-specific profiles, and all of them retain the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids that make bold, unique flavors and effects.

So, how can you enjoy 710? Dab, vape, drop, or bake your way into a new tradition with oils and concentrates for every taste!

If you’re in a medical state, take the time to talk to your dispensary associate about oil and concentrate options. Consider trying something new to support your wellness, or stock up with deals on your favorites! If you live in a recreation-friendly market, get together with your circle to share in the fun.

  • Dabbing refers to smoking cannabis extracts using an oil rig, which is made up of a glass piece containing either a ceramic or titanium nail that is heated up with a torch. Inhaling the vapor produced offers an intense and flavorful hit that's perfect for those looking for an extra potent experience.
  • For those who don't want to dab, vaping provides a discreet and easy way to consume your favorite strains while also getting all the flavor without having to light up. Cartridges containing concentrated extracts can be used in any standard vape pen.
  • Another way to enjoy 710 is by cooking edibles at home! This involves infusing foods like baked goods, beverages, and more with cannabis oil to enjoy its effects and flavors. Or, you can check out a range of pre-made Edible options from gummies to cookies and chocolates at your local store.

No matter how you choose to partake in this exciting new day in cannabis, Trulieve has something to offer with a lineup full of high-quality concentrates that will surely make your 710 celebration memorable.