Seed Origins: Black Tuna

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"In cannabis, a plant’s potency and potential starts with a single seed."

Seed Origins with Black Tuna Gang

In this run of Seed Origins, we're focusing on one of our most popular strains in Florida and beyond – Black Tuna. Known for its potent effects, it’s a strain that’s highly sought after by medical cannabis patients and enthusiasts alike.

Back In the Day

In the realm of medical cannabis, few names hold as much reverence as Robert Platshorn, the brilliant cannabis breeder and cultivator widely known by his pseudonym, Bobby Tuna.

The strain and eponymous brand are named after the infamous Black Tuna Gang, whose adventures were chronicled in the documentary Square Grouper: The Godfather of Ganja. Bobby’s legendary status dates back to his days as a smuggler with the Black Tuna Gang in the 1970s. After serving a nearly 30-year sentence, Bobby dedicated his life to cannabis activism and exploring the development of new genetics.

Here and Now

Based in the sunny state of Florida, Bobby Tuna collaborated closely with Trulieve to bring Black Tuna to patients in need. Inspired by his adventures and memorable strains of days past, Bobby Tuna’s passion for cannabis cultivation led him to create one of the most popular strains in medical cannabis.

A potent hybrid of Lamb’s Breath x Herijuana, Black Tuna is generally best suited for more experienced users as its effects can be intense. Many report experiencing an uplifting swell of energy, followed by fantastic euphoria. Black Tuna flower is dense, ranging from sage to light green, and is covered in frost and trichomes. The aroma is a mix of pine, tropical, and musky scents, with a slight hash odor. Black Tuna is best suited for daytime use or as a pick-me-up when feeling low.

Today, Black Tuna remains one of Trulieve’s top-selling strains. Despite being a relatively higher priced strain for its premium quality, Black Tuna is the second-most popular strain in the state according to data from cannabis analytics firm Headset and a favorite among medical cannabis patients in Florida, who say it helps them with a variety of conditions, including pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Into the Future

Bobby Tuna's unwavering dedication to quality and innovative approach left an indelible mark on the medical cannabis community in Florida and beyond. His profound expertise in cannabis genetics and cultivation techniques played a pivotal role in developing Black Tuna's unique characteristics and remarkable potency.

His legacy continues to inspire and guide countless cultivators and breeders, pushing the boundaries of cannabis cultivation and unlocking the full potential of this remarkable plant.

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