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Black Tuna is a potent hybrid of Lamb’s Breath and Herjiuana. Named after the infamous Black Tuna Gang, whose adventures were chronicled in the documentary Square Grouper: The Godfather of Ganja, this strain is not for inexperienced users as the effects can be racy, peppy, and intense. Many experiences a fantastically uplifting swell of energy, followed by euphoric exuberance.
Black Tuna flower is dense, ranging from sage to light green, and is covered in frost and trichomes. The aroma is a mix of pine, tropical, and musky scents, with a slight hash odor. Black Tuna is best suited for daytime use or as a pick me up when feeling a lack of motivation.

TruFlower is 3.5 grams of cannabis approved for smoking.  Each package is individually labeled to show the amount of active ingredient which ranges based on flower potency.  In order to comply with Florida law, TruFlower must be carried and stored in its original opaque packaging at all times.