Taste Something Pure

“Fire in, fire out.” – A credo in the world of concentrates and extracts, our team’s commitment is starting with the finest plants possible to create a final product that’s worthy of becoming your Muse.

And the Liquid Live Resin is our newest inspiration.

Made solely with fresh frozen flower, our premium Liquid Live Resin is as pure as it comes. This full spectrum extract is 100% oil with no additives or fillers and is not cut with distillate, meaning perfectly preserved cannabinoids, unique flavor, and aromatic profiles with sensational effects.

Representing the pinnacle of craft cannabis, each plant used in the extraction process is passionately and attentively cared for by the skilled hands of our master growers. Once mature, they are flash-frozen immediately upon harvesting for peak potency and freshness before being processed in our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction lab.

By pairing Muse’s proprietary process with legendary genetics, together we’ve elevated your favorite strains into a new, powerful product. The result is a premium, strain-specific, full-spectrum concentrate that provides an experience unmatched by other brands.

Join us and discover what happens when you let go and give into inspiration. Follow @meet.your.muse on Instagram for a peek at our passion.