The Culmination of Cultivation

The People and Process Behind Premium Cannabis

A commitment to producing the finest cannabis flower and concentrates takes many steps to realize. From the meticulous process of genetic exploration and pheno hunting to rigorous testing and quality control, teams of experts must come together and work diligently to bring premium products to life.

Producing the finest flower on the market along with top-shelf concentrates made from the same high quality cannabis, the people behind Trulieve’s process are continually raising industry standards and making a difference for those who need – and love – the plant.

With deep expertise and appreciation for their craft, the people behind Trulieve’s cultivation process know that every step matters in producing superior flower and understand what it takes to bring out the best in each strain. From selecting the finest phenotypes to meticulous testing for potency and terpene profiles, no detail is too small when striving for perfection.

Cannabis cultivation is growing ever more sophisticated with time and advancements in the industry. Today, the highest quality cannabis products are made possible by a combination of artful mastery and scientific understanding of the plant’s genetics to offer consumers an array of flavors, aromas, and effects.

The first vital step in the production of premium cannabis products is genetic exploration. Breeders select genetics from legendary and exotic varieties and cross them with other strains to create new cultivars. Achieving the desired results requires deep knowledge about cannabis genetics, as well as expertise on how different types react when combined together.

Once seeds are chosen, growers work to optimize environmental factors like temperature, humidity, light intensity and spectrum as well as airflow and focus specialized attention on the needs of each individual plant. The next step is phenotype selection, or pheno hunting. This allows growers to look for traits like aesthetic appeal, trichome coverage, resin production, and terpene profiles to identify cultivars with superior characteristics and maximize the potential of each strain. The result is an ever-evolving selection of cultivars perfect for both recreational and medicinal use that can be tailored to suit individual needs.

When the finest specimens have been selected from each generation of cultivars, they are harvested and dried carefully in climate-controlled rooms. Precise humidity levels are used to achieve maximum potency in each batch of flower produced. Then, advanced laboratory tests check for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, fungus, bacteria, mold, and mycotoxins. This ensures that products meet or surpass rigorous quality control and industry standards before they reach the shelves.

Sophisticated lab testing is used to measure cannabinoid content and analyze terpene profiles, ensuring products are consistent and contain only top-shelf flower that meets or exceeds industry standards. In addition to laboratory testing, we also use sensory trials to assess product performance under real world conditions. Our experienced panelists evaluate each strain's aroma, flavor profile, burnability, smoke quality and more – giving us valuable feedback on which strains produce the best results. The combination of advanced lab testing with sensory trials allows us to maximize the potential of our cultivars and provide only premium products worthy of their title. They’ll determine whether a certain strain can be used for product development or if it stands strong enough to excite cannabis connoisseurs on its own.

Carefully monitoring each step in the cultivation cycle ensures the highest possible level of quality control for every product produced. Our proprietary testing methods guarantee our customers full transparency, providing detailed information about the potency levels and terpene profile of every strain. This entire process requires dedication and collaboration among some of the best minds in the industry. By using expert knowledge backed by rigorous testing procedures throughout the entire cultivation process, we can proudly offer premium products to patients, caregivers, and recreational customers alike.

“We’re a purpose-driven company, from the plants we take care of – defoliate, water, prune – to the products that we ultimately make and ship out to our dispensary network or even outside of that,” says Chief Production Officer Kyle Landrum. “We're here to potentially improve the quality of life for all of our patients and customers and in many instances even save a life.”

At Trulieve, we understand the power of the plant’s potential to transform lives, and we are committed to providing access to high-quality cannabis that is potent and effective for medical use. That’s why our team works hard every day to bring relief and hope through the power of cannabis cultivation, so people everywhere can experience its benefits confidently.