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Cultivar is a curated selection of rare and highly sought-after cannabis strains that have been cultivated and handcrafted by experts that share their customers’ passion for the plant.

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Our Process

The greatest art in the world is not celebrated for the paint it’s made with but instead for the brushstroke of the artist. It’s our process, and the passion we pour into it, that makes our product extraordinary.

Curated Genetics

Cultivar Collection genetics are sourced from legendary breeders directly.

Aggressive Pheno Hunting

We grow cultivars from many of the same seed. This lets us find something truly special and unique to our team.

Lighting and Rooms

Our rooms are small craft-style setups designed around individual cultivars so each can grow in the perfect environmental setting. This combined with our state-of-the-art LED lighting allows all flower in the Cultivar Collection to achieve it’s full genetic potential and thrive.

The People

Our Cultivar family has decades of combined growing experience in both legacy and modern markets. We care about the plants – we care about the people. We’re growing the kind of cannabis that’s easy to fall in love with and we’ve always wanted to see in our communities.

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