The Needs of the Patients Always Come First  

We have the best exchange program in the industry – no question. We know what may work for one Patient, may not be the relief needed for another. With so many options at Trulieve, there is something for everyone. All it takes is some understanding and a little trial and error to find what’s best for you.  
We stand behind all the medicines, batteries, and accessories sold at our dispensaries. Should a Patient ever feel there is any issue with their medicine or battery device, we can absolutely accommodate an exchange at any location or via delivery to your home. This exchange would happen at no cost to you. Should a delivery exchange be preferred, there will be no charge for delivery.  

  • As long as your recommendation is open (not completed or expired), your dispensed milligrams or smokable weight will also be returned and dispensed properly for the new medicines received.  
  • It does not matter if your medicines (smokable or otherwise) are open or used—they absolutely can be returned or exchanged for a full return of the dispensed smokable weight or milligrams to your open recommendation.  
  • If a product is returned without an exchange, a credit will be added to the Patient’s account and the dispensed smokable weight and milligrams will be returned to your open recommendation. 

*Trulieve reserves the right to deny exchanges if abuse of the program is determined. 

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