Ways to Pay

Ways to Pay

Cannabis is a unique medicine to purchase, given current federal regulations. While completely legal in Florida for qualified and approved FL MMJ Patients, Medical Cannabis is still considered illegal on the federal level. This means that banks often are not fond of handling these types of transactions – even if legal – as they operate on a federal level under federal rulings. Trulieve has always pushed for Patients to have accessibility to the relief they need – which includes easy ways to purchase. We also recognize that sometimes using cash can be an inconvenience by requiring a bank trip or some ATM time. We’ve paved the way with more options to make payment both for pick-ups and delivery orders!

Ways to Pay at Trulieve
Other Ways to Pay 

Currently, aside from cash, we accept two other forms of payment. You may pay with your debit card or the CanPay App, which is linked to your bank account at no cost. Payment happens at the time of delivery or when receiving your pick-up order at the location. There are also ATMs at all locations to further expand Patient accessibility.  

Download CanPay 

How do I pay with my debit card? 
Trulieve now offers Patients the ability to pay for their pick-up or delivery orders with debit cards. When using this method of payment, we will round to the nearest $10.00 increment (this will be returned as cash change to you) and a $3.00 service charge will be applied.  For example, purchasing one 3.5g unit of Papaya Cake TruFlower will cost $53.00. When receiving this order with a debit card it will be rounded to the nearest $10.00 increment, which is $60.00. A $3.00 service charge will be applied for a total of $63.00. After paying with your debit card for this order $7.00 will be returned to you in cash as change.  

How do I download and pay with the CanPay app?  

For downloading onto your cellphone use www.canpayapp.com to download the app and complete the application process. For downloading onto a desktop computer please use www.canpaydebit.com.

After the app finishes the download and you have finished the application forms and linked to your bank account CanPay will send a test deposit (only a few pennies) to make sure that the link is correct and functional. This check can happen within moments after finishing the application or take up to 24 hours depending on your bank. When CanPay finalizes this last step, you will be able to use the app to make a contactless purchase off your phone! There is no service charge when using CanPay but there is a daily spending limit of $500.00. CanPay also offers a custom pin for each payment for your security. For more information on CanPay please watch the below video!