What You Should Know about Cured Concentrates

What You Should Know about Cured Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are some of the most potent products you’ll ever find. They allow you to experience the best parts of the cannabis plant in a diverse range of forms. But what really separates their effectiveness is the material used during the extraction process. And one thing extractors can agree on is how using regular cannabis buds, as opposed to trim, yields a better product when it comes to potency, aroma, and taste; which is why we use this method to create our cured concentrates.

At Trulieve, our cured concentrates are made from nug runs using cured cannabis buds. These are a big standout when compared to trim run concentrates, but why?

While the extraction process for nug and trim runs can be similar, the real difference is the material the extractors choose to use. Nug runs extract the oil from cured and trimmed cannabis buds, with no trim used at all. This preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes of strain-specific buds and considered a better-quality smoke by concentrate users.

Trim runs use the leftover material trimmed off of harvested flower, which includes things like the sugar leaves, fan leaves, and stems. This is an effective way to reduce cannabis waste and use as much of the plant as possible, but you don’t get as strong a concentration of cannabinoids or terpenes like you would from nug runs. Any part of the plant that has trichomes, where the cannabinoids and terpenes are produced, can be used to create various cannabis products. However, qualities many cannasseurs have noticed about nug run concentrates compared to trim run extracts are:

  • Overall richer scents and tastes - Thanks to the higher retention of terpenes from nug runs, these types of concentrates don’t fall short when it comes to complex aromas and flavors.
  • Higher potency - Concentrates are known for their intense potency, but that’s made even better when the oil is extracted from actual buds instead of trim.
  • Beautiful coloring - If you take a close look at trim run concentrates, you’ll notice they have a slightly darker brown coloring. This is caused by the trim material itself. But cured concentrates often sport a translucent amber-gold shade.

It’s worth noting that cured concentrates tend to run at a higher price point than trim run products. Cannabis consumers agree trim run concentrates can still offer value, especially when it comes to budget. But, while trim run concentrates are appealing to some needs, they might not bring the impact you’re looking for if you’re a big fan of the power and flavor of concentrates. But don’t think you need to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. We offer a range of options at some of the best prices so you can experience the world of cured concentrates any time.

Which Products Fall Under Cured Concentrates?

Trulieve stores carry three different types of cured concentrates:

  • Wax - Wax is often used as a broad term for cannabis extracts, but the final consistency and texture of the concentrate determines how we refer to them. Wax, unsurprisingly, has a softer, malleable texture than something like crumble, making it a good choice for beginning dabbers. Click here to shop Wax.
  • Shatter - Shatter is called this because of its glassy appearance and for how easily it shatters when broken apart. This can leave you with different sized pieces, which isn’t ideal for dosing, but many concentrate enthusiasts still include it among their favorites.  Click here to shop Shatter.
  • Crumble - Crumble is one of the more unique concentrates with its honeycomb-like appearance and drier, crumbly consistency. While it’s commonly used for dabbing, some people prefer to sprinkle bits of crumble into their joints or the tops of their bowls for a truly powerful combination. Click here to shop Crumble.

So, which cured concentrate will you try first? See which strain-specific cured concentrates are available at your nearest Trulieve location.

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