Accessibility to relief is important to us. That’s why we’re making it easier to afford the relief you need with opportunities to shop and save at Trulieve!  
New Patient Discounts  
First Visit  

Welcome to Trulieve! Get 50% off your entire order of up to $150 when you shop at Trulieve for the first time. As a new patient, we encourage you to explore new products with the help of our knowledgeable Patient Consultants (also known as “budtenders”) to find relief that works best for you.  

Second Visit & Card Renewal  
On your second visit as a new patient, you are eligible to get 15% off your entire order. When you renew your FL MMJ ID card after a year, you will again be eligible to receive the $75 off an order $150 or more to help take the pressure off the DOH’s $75 renewal fee. We’ve got your back – and that won’t change!  

*New Patient Discounts are not stackable with Loyalty Program.


Loyalty Program 
The more you shop at Trulieve, the more you save with our Loyalty Program. For every $1 spent at Trulieve, one point will be automatically added to your Patient Profile. When you have earned 500 points, you’re able to redeem your points for an additional 10% off your next order.  

*The Loyalty Program is stackable with either the Veteran Discount (for a total of 30% off) or the SNAP Discount (for a total of 20% off). 

Veteran Discounts  
We honor our Veteran community! Veterans get 20% off all orders. It’s our way of saying thank you for your service.  
Are you a Veteran looking for FL MMJ information? Click the button below to learn about our TruVet Program and how you can connect with other Veterans! 


Birthday Discount

It’s your party, and you can save if you want to! At Trulieve we want to make sure you feel the love on your special day. All Patients now get a one-time 25% off during their birthday month. Whether you were born on the 1st or the 31st or anywhere in between, visit us instore or online to receive the Birthday Discount. 

*This discount is not stackable and cannot be combined with any other promotion.


SNAP Discounts  
If you receive SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, you are eligible to receive 10% off your Trulieve orders.  

*Veteran and SNAP Discounts are not stackable with each other but can be stacked with the 10% discount earned from Trulieve’s Loyalty Program.  


Battery Bundle Discounts  
Some things are just made for each other! When you purchase a Silver Button Battery ($20) and a TruClear Warmer ($20) you will save $10 and receive both items for only $30.  

Bulk RSO Discount  
The use of RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, is often related to a chronic need for relief. We understand the need to have ample quantities of RSO on hand to ensure your dosing is measured and regular. That’s why, when you order any 10 RSO syringes (normally $50 per unit) at Trulieve, you will instantly save $100 with our RSO Bulk Discount. The Bulk Discount for RSO is unique in the fact that any one additional discount can further be applied. This makes RSO a significantly more affordable treatment regimen for those that need it.  


Senior Sundays  
Every Sunday, at every location, all Patients over the age of 55 get 10% off their orders! Our Senior Sunday Discount applies to both pick-up and delivery orders.  
*The Senior Sunday Discount can be stacked once up to a maximum of 30% off.  

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