Demystifying Concentrates

Potent, Cured to Perfection, and Surprisingly Simple to Use

Concentrates can intimidate even the most experienced of cannabis connoisseurs, but don’t let confusion hold you back – these potent products work quickly, are full of flavor, and surprisingly simple for any plant lover to use.

As their name suggests, concentrates are a concentrated form of the trichomes found on the cannabis plant. Trichomes are tiny, shiny hair-like substances that hold the key to the distinct aroma, flavor, and therapeutic goodness contained in the cannabis plant.

Concentrates are made by separating the trichomes from the plant matter through various processes. Some use solvents to extract the trichomes while others don’t. They are each potent due to highly tuned extraction procedures that remove naturally occurring fats and waxes. In their final forms, each type of concentrate product is typically named for the features of its feel or texture, with names like wax, crumble, and shatter.

For example, wax is gently hand-whipped to deliver a smooth, buttery, moldable consistency, with no additional heat used in the process. Crumble, on the other hand, is a dry, granulated product that often resembles a honeycomb. Its texture allows it to crumble to the touch, making it easier to work with than stickier, more liquid concentrates. Meanwhile, shatter is a transparent, glass-like concentrate with a long shelf life.

All of these concentrates are developed from cured flower, using hydrocarbon extraction techniques that result in high potency and an intense cannabis aroma.

Since concentrates contain only the most desired parts of the plant, you’ll notice that most contain a high THC percentage, as well as an abundance of terpene, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids like CBD, CBG or CBC. This richness of these compounds is why concentrates have such a clean taste and full-spectrum effects, retaining none of the harshness of the plant matter.

Concentrates don’t have to be scary – they’re flavorful, smooth, and surprisingly cost-effective.


A good place to start is with any of a wide variety of cured products. Cured concentrates are made from cannabis flower, which is dried and cured before extraction. The curing process removes the moisture from the bud and leaves a concentrate bursting with rich cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes, and a clean taste. 

The potency of these products means a little goes a long way, and a small supply lasts longer than a comparable amount of flower. It can also mean intense effects when consumed in large quantities. If you’re trying concentrates for the first time, it’s important to remember our mantra for finding your personal pace – start low and go slow. We always suggest this approach to ensure patients and consumers get the most out of their experience as they increase dosage, change frequency, or test out product options. 

Using concentrates can be quite simple. If you want to do it the classic way, you’ll need a dab rig.


This intimidating-sounding contraption is just a water pipe with the bowl piece swapped out for a “banger,” which is a shallow dish with a flat bottom where the concentrate is placed. You’ll need a blow torch to heat the banger to the appropriate temperature subjective to your preference and the specific product. Allow the banger to cool slightly before using the nail to scoop your concentrate. Watch as the rich texture bubbles and vaporizes almost instantly, creating a thick, flavorful vapor to inhale. You can also use an e-nail, which many find to be the easiest way to consume concentrates. E-nails are electric dab rigs that heat the banger to perfection every time, with no guesswork. 

Vaporized cannabis can be felt quickly – you’ll likely notice the effects in as little as 10 minutes. This onset can be beneficial to those seeking rapid relief.

Other ways to enjoy concentrates include adding some crumble into your bowl pack or wrapping some wax around the outside of a joint. Concentrates have a higher boiling point than flower and can extend the life of a joint or bowl by burning slower than the plant matter around it. You can also try concentrates in oil form in your vaporizer pen. 

Don’t let confusion hold you back from enjoying the rich variety of cured concentrates. The clean taste, abundance of compounds, and fast-acting benefits place concentrates a cut above the rest.