Georgia Routes of Administration

Georgia - Routes of Administration

Cannabis in Georgia: What Can You Expect to See in Dispensaries?

With each passing day, the medical cannabis industry is slowly making its way into Georgia! And while we’re excited to see its residents being given new ways of supporting their health and wellness, current state regulations impose certain restrictions on what types of medical cannabis products are allowed to sit on dispensary shelves.

Right now, three routes of administration for low-THC products have been green-lit by the state of Georgia: sublingual, oral, and topical. Here’s what that means for you as a new consumer.

A Closer Look at Sublingual, Oral, and Topical Routes of Administration


Oral cannabis products typically refer to items that you can either eat, drink, or swallow. For Georgia, this will include tincture drops and capsules.

On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to even 2 hours before the effects fully hit you, and the duration can sometimes last for hours after that. But because of their ease of consumption, and the lack of the all-too-familiar cannabis smell, oral forms of cannabis have become a popular choice, especially for newer consumers.


Some people get confused between the difference between sublingual and oral cannabis products. Because while sublingual products are indeed absorbed orally, what sets them apart is the onset time of effects as well as their duration and impact.

Sublingual products are placed directly under the tongue, allowing for a quicker onset of effects, and a shorter time period of impact. Some may find sublinguals an ideal alternative to oral cannabis products if they don’t want effects that last all day, or don’t want to wait as long to feel their impact.

As of now only tinctures, including ones with a 1:1 ratio, have been approved for this method of consumption. However, ours will be offered in a variety of flavors, including Lemon-Ginger and Tropical Passion Fruit.


Topicals are applied directly to the skin to deliver localized relief. Transdermal patches do release cannabinoids into the bloodstream, which could result in some mild psychoactive effects.

Depending on how quick the absorption is, the effects may be noticeable after a few minutes, or possibly within the hour, with the average duration lasting between four to six hours.

Two topicals you can expect to see include lotion and cooling gel.

Heading Towards the Start of Something Better

While it may not seem like much right now, you can be sure this is just the beginning for Georgia’s medical cannabis market. As perceptions of the cannabis plant continue to change, so too will your ability to discover the full breadth of its natural benefits.

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Routes of Administration