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Celebrate 7/10 with These 15 Trulieve Concentrates

July 10th is a celebration of cannabis concentrates. These products contain much more phytocannabinoids than cannabis flower, making them a great option for patients who have developed a high tolerance for the heady effects of cannabis.

Legend has it that this cannabis holiday comes from turning the date 7/10 upside-down to spell “oil.” Some call it “Dab Day,” a reference to the act of “dabbing” concentrates. You’ll also see it referred to simply as “7/10.” No matter what you call it, July 10th is a day to raise awareness around these potent products and the difference between their many variants. Our guide highlights 15 options you can try this 7/10.

How are cannabis concentrates made?

Cannabis concentrates are made by extracting phytocannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis flower. There are several extraction methods used to achieve this, including solvent-based methods that use a medium like ethanol and CO2, and solventless methods that use pressure and heat. The extract then undergoes additional processes, each of which results in a different type of concentrate.

How do you consume cannabis concentrates?

Many concentrates are inhaled because heat is necessary to convert the acidic forms of the phytocannabinoids it contains into the active form that makes you feel euphoric. They are typically inhaled using an approved concentrate device like a Trulieve concentrate pen, the Puffco Peak Pro, or the Firefly 2+. Some concentrates do not require heat to activate and can be taken orally.

Start low and go slow. These highly potent extracts contain higher levels of phytocannabinoids than other cannabis products, so only a small amount is needed to be effective. You will feel the effects of inhalation relatively quickly; you should wait up to 30 minutes to see how you feel before trying more, especially if you are a first-time patient. If you are orally ingesting your concentrates, wait 1 to 2 hours before taking more.

15 cannabis concentrates to try from Trulieve

Cannabis concentrates come in many forms and textures. Here are 15 of the most popular concentrates offered at Trulieve, along with some important information about each. (Note that all concentrates listed here are inhaled unless stated otherwise.)

1. Vape cartridges

The tried and true vape cartridges allow you to conveniently take concentrates with you. These cartridges can be attached to a vape pen battery, which is an approved concentrate device, for discreet consumption. They are available in dozens of strain-specific profiles. These popular products can be found at all Trulieve locations.

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2. Shatter
This classic version of concentrate medicines gets its name from its glass-like appearance. Made via cold ethanol extraction, the extract is poured onto a sheet and cooled, where it settles. Trulieve’s TruShatter can be purchased from many of our dispensaries; check your local menu for availability.

3. Crumble
Like shatter, crumble’s name comes from its final appearance and the way it breaks apart when handled. Crumble is “drier” than shatter and it will fall apart into smaller pieces when touched with a concentrate tool. It’s also made with an ethanol extraction process. Made in a similar way as shatter, crumble’s difference in texture and appearances come from the fact that the concentrate goes through a taffy-like pulling process at the end. This process introduces air pockets into the medicine, which is what creates tiny bubbles in the final product, as well as gives crumble its final color and texture. At Trulieve, our TruCRMBL comes in varying strain profiles, available in sativa, indica, and hybrid options.

4. TruWax
TruWax is developed using a cold ethanol extraction and a careful whipping technique over low heat. The result is an aromatic, clay-like full-spectrum concentrate that retains the flavor, cannabinoids, terpenes, and resulting effects from the strain from which it was derived. TruWax is hand-crafted, with several rounds of hand-whipping to achieve the finished medicine.

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5. Refined Crème
This unique-to-Trulieve concentrate, which launched in the Florida market in June 2021, is a high-purity, aromatic, full spectrum product which boasts phytocannabinoids and terpenes isolated from a single source. Refined Crème is created by mechanically isolating THCA from TruWax and recombining the THCA with cannabis derived terpenes from the same strain. The result is a powerful strain-specific concentrate with a consistency that’s easy to measure for the right dose.

6. Crml Sauz
Crml Sauz, another concentrate unique to Trulieve, is created by mechanically isolating THCA and High Terpene Extract (HTE) from TruWax. These highly refined raw materials are recombined in specific ratios from the same strain to closely mimic the source plant. The result is a powerful full-spectrum concentrate that has a consistency close to honey, offering ease of use when dosing.

7. TruSpectrum
TruSpectrum is notable because it unlocks the power of the plant. This concentrate is closest to the cannabis plant’s essence, with no additional ingredients, alternations, or additives. Using a delicate ethanol-based extraction process, the final product retains all the phytocannabinoids and terpenes in the source flower. This whole plant extract is characteristic of the individual strain’s unique bouquet of terpenes. Importantly, TruSpectrum is high in delta-9 THC but is not distilled, so this concentrate also contains small amounts of other phytocannabinoids like THCa, CBD, CBG, CBGA, CBC, and THCV.

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8. Blue River™ Dry Sift Rosin
Rosin is a concentrate that uses heat and pressure instead of a solvent to extract phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Trulieve carries Blue River Rosin, a full spectrum, solventless hash oil made from whole plant cannabis with a combination of high pressure, low heat, and filtration. Blue River Rosin delivers a high-quality naturally derived full spectrum extract with high potency and a robust full flavor. The proprietary waterless multi-step extraction method separates terpene-rich trichomes from whole bud flowers and mechanically presses the cannabis oil from within the trichome heads. Blue River products can be found throughout Florida.

9. Blue River live rosin
Live rosin extracts phytocannabinoids and terpenes from fresh frozen cannabis flower using ice water extraction methods, as well as heat and pressure, instead of a solvent. It’s one of the most sought-after concentrates due to its quality.

Trulieve carries Blue River Cold Cure Live Rosin, a premium grade, full spectrum, solventless extract that offers a balanced experience between flavor, effect, and potency. This product is extracted from premium grade trichome heads (5-6 Star / 70u-149u) harvested in controlled, cold room environments. These strain-specific extracts are known for their high levels of monoterpenes.

10. Blue River Rosin carts
Rosin carts are AVD vape cartridges filled with this terpene-rich extract. Rosin carts tend to appear darker and thinner than traditional distillate cannabis oil. These convenient concentrates can be connected to the AVD seed battery or other approved concentrate 510 battery device and consumed on the go.

Trulieve carries Blue River Rosin carts, one of the most flavorful extracts available in vape form. These cartridges are made with strain-specific and solventless full spectrum hash oils. Blue River’s proprietary process naturally preserves a higher concentration of full spectrum phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Extracted without solvents or other additives, rosin carts are celebrated for their effective, clean, and flavorful experience.

11. Blue River THCa
THCa is the acidic precursor to THC. This is how THC exists in cannabis before heat is applied; it’s only when THCa hits a certain temperature that it converts to the active. THCa, which supports a less euphoric experience and has its own unique benefits aside from THC, is available as a concentrate.

Trulieve carries Blue River THCa, a solventless concentrate extracted through high pressure, filtration, and controlled temperatures. This product may contain small amounts of minor phytocannabinoids like CBGA and CBCA, as well as 1% to 2% of the terpenes from the rosin from which the THCa is extracted. This ultra-fine powder can be dabbed or combined with other concentrates.

12. O.pen Cured Resin
Cured resin is sourced from cured cannabis flower. Trulieve, in partnership with O.pen, offers cured resin products made using subcritical CO2 extraction processes alongside ethanol. This full spectrum cannabis extract is much more flavorful than other extracts, containing brighter and more vibrant notes with little “grassy” taste that other concentrates may exhibit.

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13. TruClear (Botanical)
Botanical TruClear is a high potency flexible concentrate option. This medicine contains strain-specific terpenes that are reintroduced into high purity cannabis distillate. The terpenes used in this concentrate are derived from other botanicals. This process turns the acidic form of THC, called THCa, into active and ready to use THC. This means that TruClear does not require vaporization; it can simply be consumed orally.

14. CDT TruClear
TruClear made with cannabis derived terpenes (CDT), formally known as TruClear CO2, is a versatile concentrate option that offers an enhanced flavor and sensory experience. This medicine contains strain-specific terpenes derived directly from the flower, which are then added back into the extract. The result is a highly flavorful experience, as this process preserves sensitive terpenes.

Because CDT TruClear derives its terpenes from TruFlower, our patients describe this concentrate as one that’s closer to the total flower experience. Patients can also benefit from the “full spectrum” extract: The whole profile of compounds found in cannabis flower work together synergistically, called the “entourage effect,” to support whole body relief. Plus, just like its botanical counterpart, CDT TruClear is an active medicine, and it can be vaporized or consumed orally.

15. RSO
RSO, or “Rick Simpson Oil,” is a potent full spectrum whole plant medicine. Made with warm ethanol to ensure all medicinal properties are extracted from the flower, RSO is uniquely identified by its dark coloration and extremely viscous qualities. RSO is consumed orally, although it was originally developed by its namesake creator as a topical.

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Try concentrates this 7/10!

Whether you’re interested in the convenience of a vape cartridge or want to experience the robust terpene profile of live rosin, there’s an option out there that fits your cannabis goals. Stop into your local Trulieve to see what’s on the menu.