Why Live Vapes?

The Convenience of Concentrates, Ready When You Are

When talking about cannabis products, “live” means made from fresh frozen flower.

Considered the gold standard in concentrates, live concentrates are as pure and premium as cannabis comes. 


Live vape cartridges are also the most convenient way to enjoy the benefits of concentrates wherever you are. Let’s explore how they’re made and why they’re held in such high regard.

After harvest, fresh flower is flash-frozen to preserve its delicate terpenes and cannabinoids. The process skips traditional curing, drying, and trimming and instead, captures the plant at its most potent. Cannabinoids and terpenes are delicate so flash-freezing the flower locks in all of the elements that make cannabis so incredible.

Once frozen, a full spectrum of therapeutic compounds is expertly extracted in our cutting-edge hydrocarbon lab. This proprietary extraction process doesn’t use additives, fillers, or distillate; it saves all of the best parts of the cannabis plant. The result is a delicious, full-spectrum live concentrate that delivers a pure and premium cannabis experience, with high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

In live concentrates, the terpene profile of each strain is perfectly preserved, creating an aromatic and deliciously flavorful product.


The authenticity of a strain’s terpene profile is what sets a premium product apart from the rest, with unique qualities that contribute to its effects and a higher percentage of terpenes creates a delicious taste and a more balanced experience. Because of the abundance and variety of the terpenes, live resin is more aromatic and has a scent similar to that of the living cannabis plant. 

Think of live resin vape cartridges as a snapshot of cannabis flower at its peak vitality. 


Each live vape contains an extraordinary single strain, so you get a delicious, aromatic product loaded with terpenes and strain-specific effects. Live concentrates come in many forms typically named for their consistency, including sugar, budder, and resin. So, there’s a wide range of options to choose from that are tantalizing to taste and simple to use. 

You don’t have to sacrifice ease of use for an elevated experience.


With vaping, you can enjoy the flavor and aromatics that abound in live concentrates in a discreet and portable way. Nothing is lost in combustion nor added during extraction, so every hit is a delicious experience that delivers fast-acting results, with no smoke. Vape cartridges let you take the benefits of live concentrates wherever you need them. 

As will all cannabis products, it’s important to remember our mantra for finding your personal pace: start low and go slow. Live concentrates are potent products, and a little goes a long way. Going slow allows you to savor the strain-specific flavor of live concentrate and its effects.

Live concentrate products showcase the incredible flavor and effects of cannabis with the on-the-go convenience of vape carts, delivering a smooth and terpy experience anytime, anywhere.