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Trulieve Framingham Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary

Trulieve is excited to join the bustling town of Framingham, Massachusetts. Our Framingham Cannabis Dispensary will offer adult-use cannabis products to Massachusetts residents and is situated on Worcester Rd, near Ken's Steak House, Massage Envy and Shopper's World.

Our Framingham Trulieve dispensary is elevating the cannabis retail experience in the Northeast! Guests can expect more than 5,000 sqft with a clean, fresh, and recreational showroom! With elegant finishes, murals and interactive displays throughout our shoppable floor that bring customers behind the scenes & draw them closer to product creation. 

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With over 100 dispensaries nationwide, Trulieve is one of the leading cannabis companies in the country – and we are now expanding in Massachusetts to offer an exciting new destination when you think of cannabis. Trulieve’s plants are hand-grown in an indoor controlled environment facility distinctly designed to reduce the need for unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible at every turn. Our knowledgeable staff will help introduce you to our Trulieve brands, as well as an assortment of national partner brands on our shelves to help you select the cannabis products you can trust and enjoy. 

Our Products

In Framingham, we will offer a different selection of cannabis products than we do in our dispensaries nationwide. We're also introducing a few brands of our own, Sweet Talk, Muse, and Momenta and Cultivar Collection. Products offered include flower, tinctures, concentrates, vape carts, edibles, chocolates, gummies, CBD products and more! Brands and Product lists are not exhaustive and are subject to change over time.

Our Mission

Our company mission is to provide the highest level of cannabis products and customer experience through authentic and reciprocal relationships.

Our core values and philosophies have us work side by side with the members of our communities to provide resources through advocacy, events, and education and support diversity, equity, and inclusion through sponsorships, events and partnerships, and programs. Come in and learn more about Trulieve.


Dispensaries Near Framingham

The city of Framingham is located about 19 miles west of Boston along the Sudbury River and is apart of the "Golden Mile" - which is notable for it's shopping malls. Heading West? Our Trulieve Worcester Cannabis Dispensary is a quick 30-minute drive across I-90. Further west, we have our Trulieve Northampton Cannabis Dispensary, which serves medical and adult-use cannabis patients. Our Northampton dispensary is about an hour and half from our new Framingham dispensary and about 30 minutes from the Connecticut-Massachusetts border.








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