Top 5 TruStash Tips 

Florida is a wonderful place to enjoy natural beauty as well as medicinal cannabis. The beaches, the breeze, and Trulieve all make it easy to find relief naturally. However, the sun and the humidity are some things that should be considered to ensure the longevity of your medical cannabis in the Sunshine State. Follow our Top 5 TruStash Tips to help you keep your cannabis secure and to preserve the freshness, potency, and quality of your TruFlower and concentrates. 


Tip #1 – Keep Out Of The Sun 


Keeping your TruStash out of the sun prevents UV exposure, which could oxidize compounds and change some otherwise beautiful flowers to an unsavory rusted-orange color. 


Tip #2 - Secure Your TruStash 

As with any medication, it’s important to control who has access to your TruStash. Children, guests, nosey roommates, and others might become curious and poach your TruStash.  It’s always a good idea to ensure your medicine is secure and kept safely away from the reach of children.  

Tip #3 – Keep Original Packaging 

Ensure there is enough space in your TruStash for all medicines to be kept in their original packaging. While glass has its perks, current FDOH guidelines require that all medicinal cannabis medicines must be kept in their original containers, with proper labeling affixed. This is an important requirement for maintaining your status as a Florida medical cannabis patient. 


Tip #4 - Keep cool, but not too cold 


You’re correct in thinking that keeping cannabis in a cool environment will help maintain freshness, however avoid extremely cold temperatures. Do not put store your cannabis medicine in the freezer! Keeping your medical cannabis out of freezing conditions will help to prevent your cannabis from becoming overly dried out. 

Tip #5 - Consider Florida’s Humidity 


It’s hard to beat the heat in Florida, whether you’re outside or indoors, but don’t let your medicine get sweaty - even if you are! The ideal humidity level to store your TruStash is below 65% RH, or Relative Humidity. 


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