Cannabis is a personal experience and everyone’s path to relief is unique to them. However, the popularity of TruFlower across Florida is indisputable. Many Patients choose to find their relief naturally with whole and ground TruFlower. Unlike inhalation, smokable medicines offer patients more options to meet their unique needs and preferences. Enjoy a pre-roll, roll your own, or put in some glass (with or without water)! 

What are the differences between the TruFlower methods of use? We’re glad you asked! 
Joints (Pre-Rolls and Hand Rolled) 
A joint offers portability, a different style for everyone, and something more intangible - a connection to community and culture. Many consider “rolling your own” to be an artform, which can be personalized from person to person. Some Patients prefer cannons, and others cones. However, some Patients may have arthritis, tremors, or otherwise cannot roll, and many of these Patients prefer pre-rolls set in .5g and 1g options. 
Glass (Bowls and Bon...Water Pipes) 
Preferring less paper and a flower-forward flavor, many Patients prefer glass smoking options. With a growing community of cannabis-focused glass artists, there is a wide variety of designs and options, from shoestring to luxury masterpieces – all high art, of course. The punch of the draw also brings many to the glass side of things. The slide or “carb hole” allows for a larger fill and quicker clear, compared to the steady inhale of a joint.  
The right option will depend on each patient and their personal preferences.
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