Diversity, Equity, And Inclusivity Profile: 5 Questions With LaToya Faxon-Burnett

Taking a Stance on Change: 5 Questions with LaToya Faxon-Burnett



LaToya Faxon-Burnett is Trulieve’s Licensing Coordinator on the licensing (applications) team, which is part of business development. She joined Trulieve in September 2020 and brings experience in customer support and financial analysis from companies like Bank of America, Thomson Reuters, Walmart, and Citi. She has an Associate’s from Hillsborough Community College. 


What is your title?

I am the Licensing Coordinator for the Licensing Team.


What drew you to want to work in the cannabis industry? 

My passion for the benefits of medical cannabis brought me to work in the cannabis industry, as well as having an opportunity to sit at the table when having conversations around eliminating the stigma of cannabis in minority communities. After becoming an employee, I found that Trulieve does not ignore the fact that minorities are still being ostracized as a result of cannabis prohibition and takes a stance to support working to build communities and improve the lives of those unfairly impacted by cannabis convictions.


Tell us about your day-to-day work at Trulieve? 

Each day at Trulieve is a different and exciting day for me.  From managing the Licensing department’s document workflow, processing payment requests, creating and implementing processes to ensure the team’s efficiency in creating content for narratives and designing templates for future applications.


What has been your experience working in cannabis as a female? 

I feel fortunate to be a woman working in cannabis and working with exceptionally impressive women. It’s empowering and it gives me the push to keep doing what I am doing. The women of Trulieve are becoming some of my biggest cheerleaders, teachers, and sources of inspiration.


What makes you excited to come to work at Trulieve? 

I enjoy coming to work with the most talented people, inside and outside of my immediate department, everyone works with integrity, excitement, and passion. The ability to work in a fast-paced business makes the day go by fast, while I learn new and exciting things and showcase my skills.


What is a fun fact about you?

When I was a kid, my favorite Uncle nicknamed me Toyota. My brother and cousins now call me Toyota or Yota.