Industry of Passionate People: 5 Questions with Sherice Hummel


                                                             Sherice Hummel Regional Human Resources Manager at Trulieve


Sherice joined Trulieve in December 2016 as the Regional Human Resources Manager.  For Sherice, being in a fast-paced environment at a younger company is nothing new as Trulieve is the 3rd start-up she has worked for. Sherice started as the Call Center Manager at Trulieve, before moving to the HR department.  Previously, she held various leadership positions in the medical, financial services, and home warranty industries. 


What department are you in? 

Human Resources


What is your title? 

Regional HR Manager


What drew you to want to work in the cannabis industry? 


My mother battled cancer on and off for years before passing away in 2008. Joining the cannabis industry 4 years ago was a way to honor her and give back to those that would benefit from this amazing plant.


Tell us about your day-to-day work at Trulieve? 


I provide HR support to retail stores in the Florida Central and Gulf Regions. In addition to supporting retail, I support the customer contact center, marketing, logistics departments and the Clearwater office.


What has been your experience working in cannabis as a female? 


Since the cannabis industry is diverse with like-minded individuals from many different walks of life, working in the industry as a female has been inspiring. Especially when your CEO is leading the industry, and also happens to be a female. 


What makes you excited to come to work at Trulieve? 


I have never worked for a company where the majority of team members are so passionate about the industry they work in and their contributions to the community. Many lives have improved greatly due to the cannabis industry.  It has been an exciting journey to be a part of history in such a positive way.


What is a fun fact about you? 


I have a twin sister.

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