It’s Your World, We’re Just Dabbing In It

Introducing R.O.™ Badder and Crumble in Pennsylvania

Inspired by real-life moments of enjoyment, R.O.™ is a back-to-basics brand offering affordable medical marijuana products in classic forms. To help meet Pennsylvania patients’ need for potent relief, we’ve added two new concentrates to our lineup – R.O. Badder and R.O. Crumble.

Our medical grade concentrates are made from locally sourced, indoor-grown cured flower in your favorite strains. Fans prefer these easy-to-use forms for reliable relief and relaxation. Fom their smell, to their taste, to their consistent effectiveness, our Badder and Crumble stand out from others. 


What is R.O. Badder?

Depending on their specific method of processing, concentrates can range in consistency from creamy butter to oily “peanut butter” to wet cake batter, inspiring this concentrate’s name. Badder is thick and opaque, with a soft and malleable feel.  


What is R.O. Crumble?

Another type of concentrate, Crumble is a drier, “sugary” product that often resembles a honeycomb. Crumble’s dry feel and texture allow it to crumble to the touch, making it easier to work with than stickier and more liquid concentrates. 


How We Make Them

Like all of our products, R.O. concentrates are clean, effective, and expertly extracted with care. First, we gather up the good stuff from the plant through a hydrocarbon process that extracts the cannabinoids and terpenes. Next, any residual solvent is removed from the product in a vacuum oven, and the resulting pure extract is collected.

Turning the extract into R.O. Badder involves carefully whisking the oil by hand over low heat. The result is a saucy, thick liquid texture, like brownie batter, that enhances the aroma, flavors, and potency of the original plant.

R.O. Crumble stands out because, unlike some of our other recipes, it’s purged in a longer, more gentle process. Lower temperatures and slower introduction to vacuum work to gently pull out residue, leaving much higher levels of terpenes and cannabinoids intact. 

Like many handmade products, based on the individual batch and the plants used to make it, slight variations can occur, making the final color, flavor, and aroma profile a therapeutic experience that’s unique to the strain’s character. 


Find R.O. Badder and R.O. Crumble in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid offerings, now at your local Pennsylvania Trulieve location. 

Now offering 1g of New R.O. Badder and R.O. Crumble for $43 in Pennsylvania! R.O. Cured Resin Vape Carts and various forms and sizes of flower are also available at Trulieve and Trulieve partner dispensary networks across the state.