Horoscopes are based on the Sun, and when the sun shines. Our ancestors recognized that depending on what time of year it was, the quality of the Sun’s radiation changed. They called noticeable shifts in the quality of the radiation ‘seasons’. Within each season, they recognized 3 different phases: beginning, middle, and end. The beginning phase is when the energy of the season first makes its appearance. Libra season is the beginning of Fall, and it ushers in a time of starting to slow down after a busy summer. Those of you born during the first month of the Fall season were born to radiate Libra energy. 


Beginning with the season in celebration, here’s a look at all Twelve for the next 30 days:

1.    We need you, Libras. (9/23-10/22) 

This has been a tough year and we are all in need of some relaxation. Take the time to have some pleasant conversations that remind us that we are all in this together and that we need each other. No one knows this better than you, Libras.  Like the flight attendants remind us, we must put our own masks on first. That being said, Libras, it’s important to find a way to enjoy yourself in the next couple of weeks. Your muse Venus is in the fun-loving and expressive sign of Leo until September 3rd, when she enters dutiful Virgo for a while. If you’ve filled your cup, you’ll be ready to get to work reminding people to pause and enjoy this beautiful season. 


2.    Scorpios radiate intensity and urge us to look at difficult truths. (10/23-11/21) 

 A difficult truth for Scorpio to face is that we need a break from looking at difficult truths. This is a wonderful time to invite those people in your life whom you’ve given permission to cheer you up over laughter! Unwind with TruGels this season.


3.    Sagittarius radiates optimism and everyone knows we could use a big dose of that right now. (11/22-12/21)

Sagittarius, find people to share your vision for what life is going to be like next year. There is something about sharing ideas with people who are eager to hear them that helps clarify and expand our own big ideas. 


4.    Capricorn radiates discipline and practical wisdom. (12/22-1/19) 

Being the first month of winter, Capricorn prepares for difficult times and often shines brightest when things get tough. Have compassion for those who were less prepared than you, as they may be more receptive to your advice now. Take a moment to enjoy a pre-roll of Papaya Cake and help them come up with a plan. 


5.    Aquarius radiates uniqueness. (1/20-2/18)

The ability to think for ourselves. Find people you can share your crazy ideas with— the ones you think are too “out there” or weird. When you have the courage to be who you really are, your chances of attracting people you actually like to be around increases. 


6.    Pisces. My wife is a Pisces, so I better be careful. Pisces radiates transcendence. (2/19-3/20)

The truth is we all need an escape sometimes. We all need time and space to dream.  And cannabis a wonderful facilitator of a Piscean mood. Share your dreams with a trusted other, use altered states to deepen your connection, and remind yourselves that we are all in this together. 


7.    Aries radiates initiative. (3/21-4/19)

Libra season can be tricky for Aries. As things slow down, Aries will need to figure out what to do with all its energy. This is especially true with fiery Mars hanging out in Aries for the rest of the year. This is a good time to find constructive ways of blowing off steam. Working out, taking on a new challenge, having that difficult conversation about money... and of course a lot of TruFlower!


8.    Taurus radiates naturalness and a sense of security. (4/20-5/20)

Think of the smell and feel of springtime. This month is a good time to consider helping loved ones feel more calm and secure. Treat them to a massage or treat them to some cannabis knowledge to help them through their path. Most importantly, don’t forget to treat yourself.


9.    Gemini radiates new perspectives. (5/21-6/20)

Geminis, reach out to people who you actually enjoy listening to, and who also value what you have to say. Conversation is a lost art, and we forget that true communication requires us to listen as much as we speak. This should be easier for you this month as your avatar Mercury is slowing down in preparation for its retrograde cycle beginning on September 14th. I suggest keeping a journal for a week. Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to write and reflect on your high ideas. 


10.    Cancer radiates warmth. (6/21-7/22)

But only when it’s done a good job of taking care of its own needs.  We all have the need for genuine connection. Cancers, plan some intimate time this month to spend with people you really like and who really like you. Keep it cozy and share precious memories with each other. We could all use a reminder of how we’ve overcome adversity in the past. 


11.    Leo radiates charisma and gravitas. (7/23-8/22)

Use your social media this month to generate laughter and connection. Hang out with people who laugh at your jokes and lean in when you start telling a story. Those people need you as much as you need them right now. 


12.    Virgo radiates the desire to make things better. (8/23-9/22)

 Helpfulness. This Libra season, consider asking for help. Think about someone you respect deeply and reach out to ask for advice in an area where you need help, and where they have expertise. This season reminds you to take time for you, not just for others!

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