New Discount Verification for SNAP & Veteran Discounts

SNAP & Veterans Discounts Overview 

Beginning July 13th Trulieve is updating our discount policy to require verification of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) & Veteran eligibility to receive a discount with every transaction. During the month of July, we will be educating customers about the change in policy and providing a grace period for them to get used to carrying this identification. However, effective August 1st, the identification will be required.

Acceptable Veteran identifications:

1. Veteran ID Card 


2. 100% VA disables / Dependent ID card 

3. State Issued Identification Card 

“Veteran” on right corner of ID


4. State Issued Identification Card 

Large “V” on right corner of ID


5. DD-214


Acceptable SNAP Identification:

SNAP State issued Card 


Proper Identification for every transaction is required at checkout for savings (Veterans & SNAP). Eligible forms of verification include military ID card, VA-issued ID card (VA Healthcare System). Veterans may provide DD Form 214, Veteran’s designation on a valid Driver’s License, VFW ID card, American Legion ID card, & EBT card.