People who use cannabis have often been stereotypically labeled as apathetic, directionless and lazy.  In reality, according to new research, they are among some of the most satisfied and successful people within the population.    

Market researchers BDS Analytics conducted a study in which they surveyed people who use cannabis as well as people who abstain from cannabis use. The subjects were surveyed across a variety of factors including their mental, social and financial conditions. The study also sought to measure life satisfaction levels, parenting philosophies and information about employment. It also examined extensive data from two US states that have voted in favor of legalizing cannabis sales -California and Colorado.

The study revealed that in California, 20 percent of people who use cannabis had graduated with a master’s degree. This is a sizable contrast to the figure of 12 percent for those who avoid cannabis entirely.

Regarding household income, the figure was approximately $93,800 for cannabis consumers. This is a significant contrast to the $70,000 average for those who do not use cannabis.

Colorado showed similar data with 64 percent of cannabis users having full-time employment, compared to 54 percent of non-users.

The study also showed that cannabis consumers were more likely to be parents. This dispels the stereotypical myth that cannabis users are irresponsible. Data from the study showed that In California, 64 percent of cannabis consumers had started a family, again contrasting the number of people who abstained, at 55 percent.

Another area in the study, life satisfaction, was measured. 

Nearly 50 percent of Colorado consumers stated that they are happier with life today than they were 12 months ago, where as that figure was only about 40 percent for those who don’t use cannabis. There was also a connection with cannabis use and healthier lifestyle and social life. In Colorado, 36 percent of cannabis consumers stated that they had an active social life, in comparison to 28 percent of those who did not use cannabis stating the same.

In both Colorado and California, people who use cannabis reported that they enjoyed outdoor activities at significantly higher rates than those who don’t use cannabis.   

Cannabis consumers were also more likely to volunteer in their communities at a rate of 38 percent compared with 25 percent for those who abstained from cannabis.

Today’s reality of cannabis consumers has left the old stereotype of a lazy and unmotivated person living in his parent’s basement, in the dust. Cannabis consumers are statistically happier, more successful and ambitious than many people who don't consume cannabis at all.  It seems that the old stereotype is on its way out, with the public being in favor of cannabis legalization at higher rates than ever before.