Safety in our Stores

Policies and Procedures During COVID-19

July 27, 2020


As Trulieve and the state of Florida continue to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are constantly implementing new protocols and procedures to protect the safety of our employees, our patients, and all of the communities that we are a part of.


Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak earlier this year, Trulieve and other cannabis companies have been deemed an essential service. Our teams have worked to implement the best practices recommended for essential companies, going above and beyond the baseline safety guidelines to ensure our employees and patients feel safe in each of our locations. As the leading cannabis company in Florida, we believe it’s the right thing to do and hope we can set an example for how other essential businesses approach employee and customer safety.


Our commitment to every one of our employees and patients is to make our stores as safe as possible to continue our important work. Below are some of the recent steps we have taken to protect the safety and wellbeing of our employees.


We believe in providing a safe and healthy environment for employees to continue serving patients

and for patients to access their medicine.


Healthy and safe environments in our stores:

  • New: Mandatory masks for patients – If you have been in our stores lately, you will know we have moved to mandatory masks for not just our employees, but for our patients, too. We are doing this to minimize any transmission within the store from asymptomatic people and keep both our employees and patients safe.
  • HEPA Air Filtration units – These are medical grade air systems that we believe are 10x as effective as a mask (but yes, you still need to wear a mask!).
  • PlexiShields – These shields are at our front reception and POS areas – a benefit to patients and employees as an added layer of protection during transactions.
  • Social Distancing – Spaced chairs, distanced POS stations, and visual aids for social distancing help remind and encourage visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other and employees.
  • Sterilization Services – a third-party commercial cleaning team comes into all our locations one night per week to deep clean over and above our daily cleaning procedures. This is similar to hospital level sterilization and we maintain this by cleaning throughout the day between patients.


In addition to the physical safety measures, we have several new protocols and procedures in place to prevent and/or minimize any instances of community spread.

●      Temperature checks – temperature checks are now performed at the door.

●      Paid leave for testing – We cover pay for symptomatic employees or those employees identified through contact tracing up to one week to be tested. This assures employees get a negative test before returning.

●      Paid sick time – For those who test positive, we offer salary continuation for financial assistance until they can test negative twice and return to work.

●      Contact tracing and notification – if any employee is confirmed positive, Trulieve has set protocols in place to:

        o   Immediately schedule additional deep cleaning and sanitization that day

        o   Immediately perform contact tracing intake to isolate any direct exposures that day and send for testing.

        o   Immediately schedule a contracted testing team to perform rapid COVID testing. This offers peace of mind to the employees, and to our patients.


Keeping employees safe creates a safe store environment.  We want to make sure we give everyone the peace of mind that we all need right now.  We are all in this together!



Kim Rivers