Smokable Flower: What Patients Need to Know

Patients have been poised on the edge of their seats awaiting the signing of SB 182 on March 18, 2019. This is a historic, long awaited victory for medical cannabis patients in the State of Florida. The ban on smoking cannabis in Florida for qualified medical patients is overturned but here is what you need to know: 

What forms of smokable flower are allowed?

  • Whole cannabis flower in prepackaged form and pre-rolls
  • Smokable flower must be in a sealed, white/opaque container and contain only the company logo and warning language. By law, smokable flower must always remain in this approved packaging 

How do patients get access to smokable flower? 

  • Patients will need to contact their Physician to find out if they qualify for smokable cannabis
  • Physicians will have to notate the patient’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry profile that they can consume cannabis in smokable form
  • Your Physician must file documentation regarding the other routes you have tried, how long you have tried them for, how effective they have been overall and how cannabis in a smokable form will benefit the patient. 
  • Physicians will also need to have patients sign an updated consent form in person about the risks of smoking
  • Patients that are under the age of 18 may only access smokable cannabis if they are terminally ill and receive approval from a second Physician who is specifically a Pediatric Physician

How much can patients purchase and possess? 

  • Patients with smokable cannabis on their recommendations will be allowed to be dispensed up to 2.5 oz every 35 days
  • Patients with smokable cannabis recommendations may possess up to 4 oz of cannabis flower at one time
  • Patients do not have to purchase a delivery device for smokable cannabis at Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers
  • Smoking, vaping, or using medical cannabis of any kind in public is still illegal

Trulieve is dedicated to bringing the highest quality medicine in all allowable forms to Florida patients. Stay tuned as we release more information about new products!

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