Trulieve Acquisition of Harvest FAQ

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the Trulieve acquisition of Harvest House of Cannabis. There will be more updates to come so please check back soon and don't forget to sign up for MMS and Email updates to get all the latest news. 



Q: Will my local Harvest location re-open?
A: Yes! We are excited to announce that ALL Harvest locations in Florida will re-open under the Trulieve brand name by the end of October. Official grand re-opening dates will be communicated to customers in the coming days and weeks. Our current targets are::

Kissimmee (formerly W Irlo) - 10/07/21

North Port - 10/08/21

Longwood Downtown- 10/12/21

Jacksonville - 10/13/21

Gainesville Archer - 10/14/21

Kissimmee East (formerly E Irlo) - 10/15/21

Okeechobee - 10/19/21

Tallahassee FSU (formerly Harvest Tallahassee) - 10/20/21

Lehigh Acres - 10/21/21

Jacksonville – Arrowhead (formerly Mandarin) - 10/22/21

Miami South Beach - 10/27/21

Olympia Heights - Miami - 10/28/21

North Miami Beach – 10/29/21

Port St. Lucie - 10/29/21

Lutz – TBD

Hollywood - TBD


As each store opens Trulieve will announce the event through its social channels in addition to text messaging and email platforms. Make sure to follow Trulieve on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for Emails and MMS notifications. MMS Sign Up:


Q: What Trulieve locations are close to my Harvest Location?
A: You can see a full list of Trulieve Locations here: You can also visit a Trulieve “Buddy” location to visit some of your favorite former Harvest staff as we cross-train in preparation for the grand re-opening!


Q: Will my favorite Harvest products still be available?
A: Trulieve is excited about expanding our brand portfolio with Harvest brands. We are working hard to make the products you know and love available as quickly as possible, starting first with select brands and locations in October, and expanding over the next few months to a completely integrated product portfolio that will be available in all Trulieve locations.

Starting on November 1st you will be able to shop select Alchemy products in the former Harvest stores and Trulieve “Buddy” stores listed above. Modern Flower products should already be available at select stores. We will be sure to stock these brands at the once Harvest but now converted locations as well as the nearest buddy stores as depth allows. A wide range of Trulieve products will also be available for curious Harvest customers. We are confident you will find a product that works for you in our 600+ Trulieve-branded product offerings.

By the end of 2021, you can expect all of the following brands to be available in Trulieve’s 100+ stores statewide as well as by delivery: Alchemy, Modern, Roll One and Co2lors.
If you haven’t tried Trulieve products before, we encourage you to try the great variety of brands, including those by our brand partners such as Blue River, o.Pen and Binske.


Q: When can I expect my local store to re-open?  

A: Trulieve will bring stores online as quickly as possible while remaining compliant and completing DOH inspections. As each store opens Trulieve will announce the event through its social channels in addition to text messaging and email platforms. Make sure to follow Trulieve on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for Emails and MMS notifications.  MMS Sign Up: 


Q: What is going to happen with my Loyalty points?
A: For Florida customers only, loyalty points are being transferred to Trulieve systems immediately. It will take us a couple of days to fully reconcile your account. We will work hard to get them into our system as soon as possible and expect that they will be available to you no later than October 4, 2021, for use at all Trulieve locations. 500 Truliever points can be redeemed for a 10% discount once per transaction per day. Additionally, the Trulieve policy for loyalty points includes expiration of 6 months following the accrual of those points. As a result, you will have until March 1, 2022, to use your points within Trulieve.


Q: I am new to Trulieve, how do I create an account?  

A: Creating an account can be done here   


Q: What if I am a Harvest customer in a state other than Florida, what happens with my Loyalty points?

A: If you are a Harvest customer shopping outside of the state of Florida, your loyalty points remain within Harvest. As we continue the transition in other states we will advise all customers of any changes to their accounts.

Q: Are these changes just for Florida locations? Will changes occur in other markets?
A: Stay Tuned! Florida will be the first market to undergo this transition and we will be sure to communicate with our patients as new events unfold in other states. You can stay in the know by signing up for MMS here



Q: Can I get a delivery order while my store is renovated?  

A: Yes! Deliveries throughout the state will continue even during renovations. Place your delivery order here  


Q: What kind of changes can we expect now that the Harvest-Trulieve transaction has closed?
A: You will now have more store locations to shop a greater variety of brands and products all within the same dispensary and across multiple states. All dispensaries within the state of Florida will be re-branded as Trulieve. Decisions on the branding of dispensaries in other states have not yet been decided but you can be assured that whether it is a Trulieve or a Harvest dispensary, you will get the same high level of customer service. We truly believe that we grow one patient at a time!


Q: Will the stores be closed during the transition?
A: Yes, the stores will be closed while our teams complete the rebranding. For your convenience and to minimize any disruption to your shopping experience we have provided details on the nearest Trulieve store that carries your favorite brands


Q: When will our locations be transitioning from Harvest to  Trulieve?  

A:  The store re-branding and reopening schedule will be on a rolling, state-by-state basis. Florida stores will be the first to transition to Trulieve, as the Florida Department of Health requires Harvest locations to shut down the day of the transaction closing.  


Q: When is the last day I can pick up my Harvest order?

A: The Harvest policy during the month of September remained unchanged. 9/30 was the last day to pick up your order from a Harvest location in the state of Florida. We apologize for any inconvenience if your order was placed before 10/1 and you were not able to pick it up. You may shop here: Brands such as Alchemy, Roll One, Modern Flower and Co2lors will also be available in increasing quantities in the coming weeks.


Q: What if I have not picked up my Harvest order?

A: Unfortunately, your order will not be available if you have not picked it up by close of business on 9/30. We are not allowed to dispense any of these orders to customers per Florida Department of Health regulations.


Q: How can I find out which Trulieve products are comparable to Harvest products?    

A: We are here to help! Trulieve offers phone and chat support that can be found here:  

FL Call Center: 1-844-878-5438

MA Call Center: 855-628-0718

We also have the orange chat button on in the lower right corner, which may be the quickest response.


Q: What are Trulieve’s regular patient discounts and benefits?

A: Check out this Blog!


Q: Where can I find my closest  Trulieve  location?  



Q: What do I do if I have a Harvest product to return after close?

A: Trulieve has a 100% return policy. We will also honor Harvest product returns during the month of October. Depending on the type of product we will issue store credit for a comparable product. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any returned devices.