Meet Aiden Arbogast! Aiden started their journey with us in 2019 as a Call Center Support Representative at the Clearwater location and is now part of our marketing team. Their goals are to grow within the departments of Trulieve to help educate patients on a more natural way of healing! Aiden says their favorite thing about working for Trulieve is how the team is loving and accepting of others. "I feel so comfortable coming out to my co-workers and employees, and they have been so supportive. They are my family!" 


Aiden is a Non-Binary, Trans-Man, and prefers the pronouns: They/Them or He/Him. They are currently going through a very powerful journey of self-discovery, and Aiden is ready to come out to everyone. Fifteen years ago, they came out as Lesbian in the LGBTQ+ community, although this felt like such a relief, they still did not feel like they were who they truly are. "Now that I have such supportive people in my life, I'm ready to discover who I am again!" They plan on coming out as Non-Binary, Trans-Man to their family and friends this month. Aiden is also an MMJ patient, who has high anxiety, and states that TruFlower really helps them relax their mind enough to go into social situations or gatherings of any kind. Their favorite Trulieve strain right now is Sour OG Chem or any Sunshine Cannabis strains! 


We appreciate you Aiden and are further reminded of our statement to #BeTruToYou!��️‍��