Creating a New Patient Profile

Looking to make the most of all you can do using The first step starts with creating a New Patient Profile! Follow this step by step guide and learn how to quickly take advantage of online ordering for pick-up and delivery orders. 


To create a new patient profile at Trulieve visit the Trulieve Sign-in page here and click the Create Trulieve Account button.



Once you click the create account button you will be taken to the Account Information page, which is where you will input your personal information.



Click register to save your information.



After you click register you will be taken to the Trulieve shop page, where you will be signed into your new Trulieve Account. You will than need to click the “Welcome, your name” at the top right to further fill out your personal patient information as seen below:



Once you arrive on the account info page, toggle through the tabs on the left-hand side to verify your account information as well as update any information that may be missing. Be sure to check both your medical info as well as Account info and then click update.



After you click the update button you are ready to shop!