What is the Cultivar Collection?

What is the Cultivar Collection? 

More than just a brand, the Cultivar Collection represents an intimate elevation of our craft. Made by passionate flower people, for passionate flower people.

The People 

The Cultivar Collection is overseen and grown directly by our Master Growers and most senior cultivators. Our small exceptional Cultivar family spends hands-on time with each individual plant at every stage of its lifecycle allowing every flower to receive the love and care it needs to thrive and achieve its full genetic potential. The direct human element is a major factor in the quality of the Cultivar Collection and our team represents some of the most passionate people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting and more than a few enthusiastic cannaisseurs and weed snobs – who we absolutely love! Combined, the Cultivar Collection family represents decades of expertise and powerful direct experience growing in medical, recreational, and legacy communities.



The Process

The greatest works of art are celebrated for how they are created and not the paint they are made with. We believe the same about our process, though all Cultivar genetics are indeed fire. Simply, we take the craft seriously. As mentioned, at every stage in the life cycle of the cultivars there is dedicated human interaction providing direct expert-level care to each individual plant, but the process does not stop there. 

  • Our genetics are sourced directly from legendary breeders.
  • We aggressively pheno hunt our genetics to find truly special and unique Cultivars.
  • Cultivars are grown in specifically designed smaller-craft style rooms tailored specifically to each Cultivar.
  • The Cultivar Collection is grown under state-of-the-art broad-spectrum LED lighting.
  • Unique plant training techniques are used to help promote flower development.
  • Our flower is never trimmed or jarred by a machine. It is gently trimmed and jarred by expert hands


The Promise

The people and process behind the Cultivar Collection are all aimed at fulfilling the brands promise. We mean it when we say that we are on the top of the mountain. The Cultivar Collection family comes from a diverse community that stands on the shoulders of many brave men and women that have championed cannabis since before it became legal or mainstream. Our promise is to honor that history and produce flowers and concentrates that are held to highest and most rigid of standards to create an experience that produces the richest most unique flavors and powerful effects. There is a fantastic expression “Be the change you want to see in the world” and we are proud to be working towards that goal. We’re growing the kind of cannabis that’s easy to fall in love with and that a small, yet powerful, team has always wanted to see be available in their community. 

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Written by: Tyler Soreng, Cultivar Collection Brand Manager