A Message Regarding Patient Access During COVID

July 22, 2020

As you know, Trulieve has been deemed an essential business during COVID-19, a designation we do not take lightly. We continue to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, and our teams have worked to implement the best practices recommended for essential organizations like ours. While other essential services are also following state guidelines, we have gone a step further. As the medical cannabis leader in Florida, we are constantly prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our patients because it is the right thing to do.

Just last week we held a Facebook Live event with Tim Morey, our chief sales officer, who heads up all 52 stores across the state of Florida. This latest installment in patient communications addressed the increase in COVID-19 cases across Florida and reminded all of our patients of some of the new offerings and procedures we have implemented since the beginning of the year to assure a safe and healthy store environment.

If you missed the Facebook Live event, please see here.

We understand that our patients rely on medical marijuana for part of their overall health and wellness.
And we believe in providing a safe and healthy environment for patients to access that medicine.

These are the patient services that were introduced during the initial COVID-19 wave, as well as some new offerings that we have more recently added:

  • Delivery – We deliver throughout the state and, due to the coronavirus, we have dropped our delivery fee to $15, while offering free delivery to any patient 65 or older. We have also added a tracking feature to our website so patients can track the status of their delivery order.
  • New: Pick-up – Patients can now log in and get in line virtually at a dispensary. Pick up is available at all locations. 
  • Social Distancing – Each of our dispensaries have policies in place to ensure social distancing. We have also added a technology feature where we will encourage patients to wait in their vehicles or spaced appropriately and we will text to notify them that it is their turn in the dispensary.
  • Designated Care Hour – The first shopping hour of each day is dedicated to our immunocompromised patients.
  • Curbside pickup – This offers patients the ability to stay in his or her car to pick up their order if they use CanPay.
  • New: Check Order Status – Patients are able to place an order and know when they can check-in, or the status of your order, and receive text notifications for real-time updates.
  • New: OnFleet – This service sends a text message in the morning to let patients know when a driver is two hours out, and again 30 minutes away to better plan for the delivery!
  • New: Window Blocks – This will be a new offering to schedule deliveries – coming soon!

These service offerings have been added in addition to health and safety protocols that we’ve put in place within our actual stores such as the mandatory mask policy, HEPA air filtration units, and sterilization services. These are just some of the added levels of safety that we have implemented in each of our locations to help ensure the safest possible experience. We will have more to come on this topic later this week.

I’d also like to share that the best thing you can do as Trulievers is to regularly check our website and social channels as we continue to implement new protocols to keep you safe, healthy, and happy.


Kim Rivers