TruStory: Dean Minardi

Meet Dean Minardi! Dean started his Trulieve journey as a Patient Consultant in 2018 at our Tallahassee location, where he now delivers essential medication to patients throughout the Big Bend region. "It's the best retirement job in the universe," he says.


Dean was one of the first in Florida to get his MMJ ID and is a long-time advocate. "My MMU number is well below 6,000," says Dean. "Since becoming a Trulieve patient, I've lost 40+ pounds and have a PSA of 1 (just saying...)!"


Dean has Hereditary Tremors and consumes 100+ mg of CBD during the day for relief. "I love Jack Herer and Dutch Hawaiian as my evening smokable. 9lb Hammer before bed and when I wake up to pee 4 hours later," he says. "Also, Delta 8 rules!"


We're lucky to have Dean on our team. He reminds us every day what it means to Be Tru To You! Thanks for being a Truliever, Dean.